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Primary tension of a network is brought by four wire line (three phase wires And, In, With and a neutral wire of N or PEN); the vypryamitelny module (contains group of the single-phase rectifiers which are switched on on an entrance to one of phase and to a neutral wire of a network, and on an exit - in parallel, with grounding of a positive conclusion of power supplies the accumulator module contains two groups of batteries (AB1, AB and the battery block of control and protection; exits of EPU are divided on possible categories of consumers; in a board of distribution of energy of alternating current measuring devices (the ampermeter, the voltmeter, a wattmeter) can be installed; tension of emergency lighting of internal rooms of knot is formed of tension of the battery and switched by the contactor in the automated, introduction and distributive case. The scheme gives an evident idea of structure of the equipment and interaction of elements though does not define structure and necessary number of separate blocks.

To develop a function chart of the electrofeeding installation according to the specification, to calculate the maximum and average values of current and power of EPU, to define performance data of converters of electric energy, to choose the necessary distributive and reformative equipment. Individual part of work is the integrated calculation of the inverter of tension with elements of management (IN).