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Compliance of capacity of a segment - positive parameter can be considered opportunity to direct all capacities of the enterprise on work in this segment, i.e. the capacity of a segment has to be more or is equal to the capacity of the enterprise.

Big need for capital investments to buildings and the equipment. Aspiration to enter new products that generates need for research works. Constant aspiration to a gain of the new markets especially abroad

On the basis of the received signs of segmentation it is possible to create the segment groups (which are also called "consumer segments). Usually their quantity does not exceed 5-6 groups. Groups with the highest percent are allocated as segments of the market.

The K-segmentations method ("post hoc" meta is directed on search of signs of segmentation with the subsequent selection of segments. The method means that there is a consumer market which structure is not known and "a priory" cannot be determined by the set signs.

At the last stage the allocated segments are given the description and appropriate special marketing nicknames - for example, for new clients - "beginner", for old - "old resident". On the basis of these allocated segments it is possible to make further design, modernization or positioning of a product.