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According to this hypothesis each thing, being the sum very big (but it is not infinite) a stake. particles - very small, but owing to the indivisibility not addressing in anything, it cannot be considered as any more. big and at the same time not so having sizes as Zenon had it. Thus the crisis caused by criticism Z was solved.

Platon (427-347dne). The Athenian, was an opponent democracies. Phil development began at Socrates's school. In the cities. Italy and Sicily it continued acquaintance with Phil Eleytsev and Pythagoreans. In 387g it returned to Athens and founded school (academy).

AA. accepted basic provisions of A. Democritus. Proved, the doctrine about causal need of all. should not conduct the nature to conclusions about impossibility for the people of freedom. Vramkakh not round. the way to freedom has to be specified.

In these aporiya for the first time in the history of mankind problems of a continuity and infinity are discussed. Aporiya gave an impetus to development of dialectics. (it is interesting that concepts actually infinite was excluded from the use in G. and it is replaced with concept of the potentially infinite. Admitted. divisibility of sizes, but not. their sostavlennost from. numbers actually this element.

Atoms essence. it is small. the bodies which do not have qualities, emptiness - in which all these bodies, during all eternity rushing up and down, either are weaved among themselves, or encounter at each other and jump aside, disperse and again meet in such connections, and thus they make also all other difficult bodies and our bodies, and their states and feelings.

"Life goes to perfection being directed an ideal, - that not yet., but it is thought, imagined possible to. Reality always an essence an ideal embodiment, and, denying, changing it, we do it because the ideal embodied by us in it does not satisfy us any more, we have - created in imagination - other, the best" - Gorky.

Senior group: Protagor (481 - 411dne), Gorgy, Gippy and Prodik. Protagor was a materialist and learned about the fluidity of a matter and about an otnostitelnost of all perceptions, It proved as if to each statement can with the equal basis be opposed the statement contradicting it.