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Informational writing for working

It is, in particular, about payment to the employing certain contingents of labor during the limited period of time of the subsidies covering part of a salary of these workers. As a rule, the measure is applied for a of hiring is long the unemployed and. Employment subsidizing usually does not conduct to creation at the enterprises of workplaces, but promotes employment of those contingents which prospects are least favorable. In a compliance of structures of supply and demand of work that lowers natural standard of unemployment improves.

If to consider regional aspect of formation of the General scheme of creation and preservation of workplaces, it should be noted sharp strengthening of unevenness of development of certain regions and an aggravation in a row from them social and economic problems, first of all employment and the income a. The measures for their decision undertaken still are absolutely insufficient. is felt need for special programs of support of depressive and the cities, and the main thing - in the organization of their effective implementation.

- employment of workers, noncompetitive and in the market, by means of special forms of a : preservations and creations of special workplaces, career guidance and professional training with an employment guarantee (among them the disabled people, lonely women raising minor children, teenagers);

- regulation of duration of unemployment on the basis of an of rational procedures of registration, the account and an inventory of the unemployed, corrections of the provided social guarantees according to change of a situation in regional labor market;

Coordination of supply and demand of labor; development of labor and professional mobility of workers according to market condition of work; regulation of unemployment on an of labor activization of the unemployed.

Information and consulting service of open labor market, active labor between employers and rabotopoluchatel are of particular importance. The guarantees provided to the unemployed have to have accurately expressed labor character, promote their adaptation to structure of labor demand, increase of vocational and territorial mobility, active job search and occupations. Payment of the doles coordinated to length of service with really lost earnings, the period of payment of insurance premiums, will allow to exclude social dependents and "imaginary" from among recipients of financial support of an employment service.

- the creation and a reshaping of workplaces in a market of economy providing restructuring of employment and employment forcedly of the unemployed according to specialty (profession) and support of a small and average.

At the same time there was a process of differentiation and specialization of function of providing noncompetitive workers and unprotected citizens: the organization of employment of disabled people on specialized productions (it is frequent with preliminary training), women and teenagers on the working bridges created in a special order, implementation of special projects of providing a and social and labor adaptation to labor market, a of social guarantees by the unemployed.

As for group of branches with the low technological level and not clear of market conditions, in them to be created especially favorable an for foreign investments, first of all what bring new technologies and experience of management.

However marginal unemployment can "be removed" from labor market owing to transfer of the chronic unemployed struck off the register in the centers of employment as lost communication hardly, in bodies of social guardianship of the poor. Especially actual such direction of regulation of unemployment becomes for regions with a critical situation and for those from them where among clients of an employment service the specific weight of the unemployed "with an experience" is great. That not this approach should not provide strengthening of measures for fight against unemployment by bureaucratic toughenings of registration of the unemployed.