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—" Live history" — the organization of exhibitions of ancient photos, albums, letters, verses, fashion show of last times, carrying out literary soirees with oral memories of art life and traditions of the previous generations, cultural and historical eras.

Actions for implementation of the project: development of the Schools of Courage program; formation of the pedagogical collective providing implementation of various sections of the program; completing of educational groups.

Professional and orientation and rehabilitation programs provide adequate professional self-determination (choice of profession according to individual opportunities of the personality and inquiries of societies; form valuable orientations, motives and installations in relation to certain types of professional activity, cultivate diligence, develop an initiative, enterprise, creativity.

— "The second profession" — the organization of training courses for training of elderly people by professions which give the chance to prolong work after leaving of the person for pension, open new prospects for labor activity (technical creativity, gardening, modeling of clothes, an accounting, etc.).