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The scientific and technical revolution affecting all aspects of life of society, high rates of development of production, growth of the cities, the extending use of the atmosphere and the increasing scales of impact of the person on surrounding environment demand increase of attention to protection of atmospheric air.

Art. 7 "For increase of ecological culture of society and vocational training of experts is installed the system of general, complex and continuous ecological education and education covering all process of preschool, school education and education, vocational training of experts in averages and higher educational institutions, increases of their qualification with use thus of mass media".

Art. 1" Possession, use and the order of forest fund and the woods which are not entering into forest fund, are carried out taking into account global ecological value of the woods, their reproduction, duration of cultivation and other natural properties of the wood".

Regulation of the forest relations is carried out taking into account ideas of the wood as about set of forest vegetation, the earth, fauna and other components of environment, having important economic and social value.

From my point of view, first of all it is necessary to increase the general level of ecological knowledge, however it is obviously not enough fundamental theoretical bases. The person has to love the nature, to be the ecologist in soul, and not just according to the diploma.