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There were more enterprises focused on production sector and a services sector. Professionalism of many businessmen and managers increased. Quality of production of the sphere of the food industry light for industry seriously grew. The same can be told and about a services sector. MT is most developed in such branches, as well as trade and a public catering, construction and the industry, and also science and scientific service of production. (see the chart.

Power industry: the largest state district power station; the largest hydroelectric power stations: Sayano-Shushenskaya, Krasnoyarsk, Brotherly, Ust-Ilimsk. It is characteristic: the most part of energy is taken out; a basis for work of the aluminum enterprises in this area.

Development of MT in this region is interfered by severe climatic conditions. Primary branches where distribution of MT – transport makes sense to communication, trade (a supply from other regions of goods of agriculture and warm clothes, material support.

Transport hozyaystvo:zh/d – 2/3 all cargo transportation; river transport – 1 place on goods turnover; pipelines (Almetyevsk – N. Novgorod (oil)). The Blagipriyatny conditions created in this economic region promote distribution of MT in such branches as transport communications, trade, a public catering,. service, commercial activity, household services.