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Carried out the major functions of the logician always, at all stages of the development though they were shown at different times differently. Its role and value especially increase in modern conditions. It is caused by two main circumstances.

In what relation to these elements there is a logical culture? It should not be considered as one more of elements of such row. It literally penetrates each of these elements, entering them the integral component. How any culture is impossible without language, any material or spiritual activity of people without thinking is so impossible. From here — special value of logical culture in life of each cultural person.

Arising from pressing needs of society and developing together with it, the logic, in turn, renders on it the return, and besides more or less considerable, influence. Its social appointment and a role in society are defined first of all by its nature and that place which it takes in the general system of culture.

Value of logic is caused by that logical mistakes are made very often - much more often than some think, believing as if the culture of thinking is born quality of each person. No, as well as any culture, it is necessary to seize it persistently.

not the outside world, and thinking. In this sense, taking an important place in the general system of knowledge of the world, it carries out first of all the general scientific — informative function, i.e. explanatory and predictive. She offers more or less exact explanation of a certain group of the phenomena and processes of thinking, and on this basis — a prediction, under what conditions achievement of true knowledge and what consequences of the wrong course of a reasoning is possible.

The culture in general is understood as set of the values which are saved up by mankind. Thus mean not only results of material and spiritual activity of people, but also means of this activity, and ways of its implementation. The logic as it is obvious, belongs to a spiritual component of culture and only through it is anyway embodied in these or those elements of material culture. But what it takes a place here? Being one of the oldest and important sciences in the history of mankind, she logs in the integral component of the sciences forming an intellectual kernel of spiritual culture and together with them carries out diverse and responsible functions in society. In these social functions of logic its essence and deep specifics as sciences is shown. As the main of such functions the following acts.

. Ideological function. Arising and developing in class society, the logic never was neutral in ideological fight. It served as important means of justification of one ideology, the tool of fight against another. In her the ideological antagonism of the major philosophical directions — materialism and idealism, dialectics and metaphysics was always developed. From here and its ideological function.

logicians also opened negative consequences of its ignorance. If we are ignorant in logic, he considered, we cannot be confident in correctness of statements of the one who is right, and we will not know an error of the one who is mistaken — the word, "we chop firewood at night".

. Methodological function. As well as any theory in general, the logical theory, being result of the previous knowledge of the object, becomes means, and consequently, method of its further knowledge. But as very wide theory which investigates the process of thinking which is shown in all sciences without exception, of the logician provides also with their certain method of knowledge. It is fair already in relation to traditional formal logic which basis is made by the theory of conclusions and proofs serving sciences by methods of receiving output knowledge. It is even more fair concerning the symbolical logic developing all new, special mathematical methods of the solution of cogitative tasks. And of course, it especially fairly rather dialectic logic, which requirement also is, in essence, requirements of the most general, dialectic method used by many sciences.