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Style of the adaptation: the employee acts together with other person, without trying to defend the interests. Outcome of the case is extremely important for other person and is not really essential to the employee. The employee cannot win as other person possesses the bigger power. The employee endows the interests in favor of other person, conceding to it and feeling sorry for him. If the employee feels that concedes in something important for him and feels in this regard a dissatisfaction, style of the adaptation is unacceptable. If another does not want to renounce anything or will not estimate made the employee - style too is unacceptable.

The fourth phase - exhaustion. It is followed by decrease in working capacity. In process of increase of exhaustion of people starts feeling a breakdown, tension, a neuveroyennost. There is a weakening of a number of functions: frustration of attention, deterioration of processes of thinking, arises drowsiness, start floating before